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Communication and Accountabiltiy

We maintain high communication standards so you feel confident and comfortable through out the entire building process. We pride ourselves on being great listeners to understand each clients unique needs, in fact, you’ll notice we’re just as passionate about building your dream home as you are.

Energy Star Certified Homes

Our Energy Star certified homes feature energy efficient windows & doors, have higher insulation levels and are more air-sealed than most new homes. You’ll appreciate the savings on your utilities and the reduction in dust, pollen and pests inside. Your community will appreciate your home having a more positive effect on our environment by using up to 20% less energy.

Hand Picked Designers & Trades

Our collaborative approach means you’ll work with Southwestern Ontario’s top architects and designers while the region’s most experienced and knowledge builders work to make your dream a reality. Each aspect of your new home’s construction will be a result of cutting edge technologies, strict attention to detail and quality materials.