A Cleaner Shower

When you build your dream home, the bathroom is an integral part. It should feel elegant, welcoming, and comfortable. Keeping your shower spotless is a big part of that. These three tips will help remove current soap scum and prevent new grime from building…
 - Protect glass doors from mineral buildup: When you leave the shower, those little beads of water hanging around on the glass door will dry out, leaving minerals behind that are not only ugly, but tough to remove. Even using a squeegee after every shower can leave behind a foggy looking door. Turns out, you can avoid the beading in the first place by using an auto glass treatment such as Aquapel and RainX, found at most auto parts stores or dealers. Follow the instructions on the back of the package and use regularly to help keep that door crystal clear. I’ve tried this and it does work well, but only for a months or so.
 - Remove the scum: If you already have a thick residue building up on your glass doors, it might seem tough to remove, but it’s not impossible… as long as you’re not afraid of some heavy equipment. A buffer is pretty inexpensive to rent or buy and easier to use than you may think. If possible, remove the doors and take them outback or to the garage, pick up some polishing compound available at most home centers and auto parts stores. The two will work together to remove the scum, so you hardly need to work at all.
 - Try to use synthetic soap: Synthetic soap (which usually comes in liquid form) doesn’t contain the same ingredients that create soap scum. Most bar soap are true soap, which leave the tough scum behind.