Covid Cleaning for your Home

Disinfecting high traffic areas in your home is an important precaution to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Common high-touch surfaces in the home include door knobs, light switches, handrails, tables, chairs and faucets.
If the surface is dirty, start with soapy water, then use a disinfectant containing bleach or 70% alcohol. Many natural products such as vinegar have proven ineffective against the virus.

Be sure to let the cleaning solution sit on the surface for several minutes, numerous disinfectant products need to stay wet on a surface to be effective.
Electronics shouldn’t be left out. Laptops, cell phones, remote controls and game console often require a special cleaner or application. Considering a wipeable cover for your electronics is also recommended.

Its currently unknown how long covid can survive on soft materials such as fabrics, exercise caution and when in doubt – wash. Avoid shaking dirty laundry to minimize debris falling from your clothes to your clean home. Make sure you disinfect your laundry hamper and remove shoes when you enter the home.