Reduce your monthly utility costs

There are tips you’ve heard time and time again – switching to LEDs, taking shorter showers; they’re great ideas for saving on energy, but it’s time to up our game and make an even bigger impact:
- Use aerators in your faucets. Aerators are tiny frugal attachments that reduce the amount of water that comes through the faucet, while increasing the water pressure. Even I had no problem installing them.
- Make sure your appliances are full. Doing a full load of laundry will result in maximum efficiency and help avoid water waste, the same with your dishwasher. Your fridge and freezer will work less hard too if they’re full.
- Walk around the house at night (probably wise to use a flashlight). Doing so will help you see what is “glowing”… power strips, cable bars, microwave, DVD player; you might not be actively using them, but each item is perpetually turned on and using electricity unless you pull the plug.
-Turn on a fan or two. Using fans, especially ceiling fans will spread cool air through a room faster and more efficiently than the AC on its own. Using both at the same time will actually allow you to raise the temperature of the air conditioner by 5 degrees. You’ll see an even bigger impact if you aim the AC vents at the ceiling so the cool air floats down to you.
- Building up your landscape can help block the hot summer sun. Leafy trees and tall shrubs, especially on the south facing side of your house will help add some shade, even window boxes with some flowers will do the trick. While you’re outside, check on the HVAC unit to ensure there aren’t any bushes blocking the air flow.