Smart home owners should do these 5 things every year

Even if you just build your dream home last year, there’s still regular maintenance you can do to keep it feeling new for years to come…
1. Clean out your dryer vent duct: Think about how much your dryers lint collector hangs on to each weekend. Now imagine what the vent looks like after a year!!! The back of the dryer is attached to a duct that runs outside. The lint builds up over time there as well, which will cause the dryer to work harder and increase your energy costs. It’s also a big fire risk since lint is very flammable.  
2. Drain your hot water heater: Sediment can build up over time at the bottom of your tank, causing corrosion. By draining the tank, you’re removing the sediment, keeping the heater running efficiently and running longer.
3. Review your Homeowners Policy: If you’re like me, you don’t think about your insurance until you need it. But insurance policies can change many times over the years spent in your home. Ensure your policy remains active in all weather hazards, including hail and wind. Review your deductibles and become familiar of the costs of replacing your roof, for example, if it were damaged in a storm.
4. Clean your gutter: I know, I hate it too, but it needs to be done. Leaves, pine needles, neighbourhood frisbees and more can get stuck up there. The gutters help the home cope with heavy rain flow, something we’re familiar with here in Essex county. Debris obstructs the flow and can lead to overflowing, damaged gutters and leaks. If you’re uncomfortable with the height, or the grossness of the task, hiring a professional will be less expensive in the long run than NOT clearing them out.
5. Empty the pantry: I personally find it hard to believe that someone can let pantry items expire, but I witnessed the monstrosity myself when I moved in with my husband and discovered a box of Oreos from 3 years earlier. I still ate them, but I would never recommend anyone without my iron stomach to follow suit. -The experts actually recommend you de-clutter your pantry every 6 months, but if your household is as busy as ours is, that’s not very realistic, so aim for once a year instead.